PDI Global Launches New Website

March 30, 2012

Reflecting new beginnings and changes, a brand new website has been launched for PDI Global. With the new website format, access to information about PDI Global will be even easier than before. The new URL for PDI Global LLC is “http://www.pdiglobe.com/“.

Along with the launch of PDI Global LLC’s website, a website for our subsidiary, PDI Design Group, is currently under development and is expected to launch sometime in April 2012. As PDI Design Group’s role is architecture and design, the upcoming website will feature extensive photos and information on major projects that PDI and successor firms have designed over the last fifty years. The URL for the PDI Design Group website is “http://www.pdidg.com/“.

Be sure to check back frequently, as we unveil exciting new details about our current projects throughout the year!

About PDI Global LLC

PDI Global LLC is the successor firm to the previous PDI World Group LLC. PDI Global represents the five PDI companies as a whole, when major international projects or clients require single representation. The five companies are PDI Homes, PDI Design Group, PDI Green Group, PDI C&D Group, and PDI Capital Group. The other major function of PDI Global LLC is the management of the present Consortium, as well as expansion of this international base to our anticipated goal of 500 members.

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