In this ever changing and dynamic world of design and construction, Stephan Huh created a new model for the design and building industry. With his 40 years of professional experience and his vision for the future, he made an innovative global building industry network that reflects the growing globalization of the marketplace and the increasing demand for top quality specialized and client-tailored one-stop services.

The PDI Global consortium concept is built around alliances with established companies across the building industry, both domestic and international. Member companies are chosen based on strict standards of high quality work and customer service. The consortium roster currently includes a talented array of specialists in architecture, landscape architecture, planning, interior design, structural, mechanical, electrical and civil engineering, graphic design and branding, environmental graphics, market research and analysis, construction management, and developers and contractors – all selected to best serve PDI clients’ needs.

The Consortium Concept

In the construction industry, the General Contractor already assembles teams of experienced and trusted subcontractors to supplement and complement its own work crews for each job it undertakes. Mr. Huh has adopted and adapted this established practice to the design profession as well, by creating a consortium organizational model that combines the best practices and benefits of both large and small design firms. Like a General Contractor, PDI coordinates with its member companies to address specifically and individually all of the design and engineering demands of each project – project teams are hand-picked and tailor-fit to serve each job. Each consortium member company remains focused on the business it does best, service quality is assured, and business efficiencies are maximized.

Only Excellence

Each member in the PDI consortium is culled from the top talent in its respective field or specialty. Member companies are screened for quality before joining, and strict standards for design excellence, service performance and customer satisfaction must be maintained to retain membership. When you work with PDI, you work with the best.

This commitment to excellence is further exemplified by PDI Global’s Board of Advisors – recognized authorities in their fields who, with their years of combined experience, ensure the ongoing maintenance of standards of excellence.

About PDI Plus Members

PDI has a few affiliate companies in order to achieve maximum results. These companies operate independently as well as cooperatively. However, the ownership of the companies is shared. PDI, as one of the major shareholders of these companies (normally 20-25%), shares experience, talent, manpower, and resources in order to successfully accomplish many large projects.

The policy of establishing these partner companies was based on the following specialties: design, PM & CM, PDI Homes, marketing and financing. They represent PDI as affiliates in a specific country and on specific projects.

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