PDI Global LLC was created to represent the five PDI companies as a whole, when major international projects or clients require single representation. The five companies are PDI Homes, PDI Design Group, PDI Green Group, PDI C&D Group, and PDI Capital Group. The other major function of PDI Global LLC is the management of the present Consortium, as well as expansion of this international base to our anticipated goal of 500 members.

The Consortium idea came to life when it became apparent that we needed a new global business model using our brand name to compete successfully in the 21st century and to provide one-stop services for our Clients. Thus, the PDI Consortium was formed – a global network of building industry specialists that collaborate under the trusted banner of PDI to bring tailored expertise and a local presence to projects around the world. We now have over 90 members from 12 different countries, with 35 of them located throughout the United States.


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